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11328RFI: Sooty Grouse in May

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  • Daan Sandee
    Apr 10, 2014
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      Twenty years ago I lived in California and saw all the birds there, but
      I haven't been back very often.
      Now we have a stopover in LA and there is only one target that I can think of :
      Is there a reasonable chance for Sooty Grouse on a three-day trip starting
      in LA in mid-May ?
      The only pointer I have is Glacier Point Road. This will probably, but
      not certainly, be open on May 11. But if there is still snow on the
      ground, is there a chance of finding a grouse? Are they booming yet ?
      I've never been to Yosemite this early in the season.

      Any other advice ? Whitney Portal sounds like a lovely place, but there
      will probably be too much snow, and it may be too much hiking for me.


      Daan Sandee
      Gloucester, MA sandee[]theworld.com