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11315early spring migrants (and "inland" Heermann's)

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  • Paul Lehman
    Mar 24, 2014
      Today, Monday the 24th, there was an adult Heermann's Gull "INLAND" on
      Sweetwater Reservoir; they are casual even 'just' this far in from the

      Also today, visiting birders Doug Gochfeld et al. report all 3 CLARK'S
      NUTCRACKERS and one LEWIS'S WOODPECKER continuing in the Laguna Meadows
      area off Sunrise Highway. No luck with Williamson's Sapsuckers or
      Cassin's Finches.

      Here are some brief thoughts on some early arriving spring migrants--not
      only here in San Diego County, but also in much of California--including
      Black-headed Grosbeaks, Hooded Orioles, etc.:
      Black-headed Grosbeaks have been reported now for over a week on various
      CA listserves. Hooded Orioles started arriving already in extreme s. CA
      in late February and soon spread north. Bullock's Orioles and Western
      Kingbirds were present already in early March. Reports (FOS) statewide
      of these species keep coming in and coming in and coming in, even though
      they have already been present in most areas for some time. Some
      hummingbirds appeared to have arrived on the early side this year, with
      record-early Black-chinneds in se. CA already in late Feb and several
      early individuals along the southern CA coast earlier this month, and
      one of the earliest-ever Calliopes in San Diego County earlier this
      month as well. So, things seem to be running a bit on the early side in
      2014, at least so far and for at least a few species.

      --Paul Lehman, San Diego