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11313SLaty-backed Gulls in California

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  • Todd Easterla
    Mar 4, 2014

      Hi All,


      Just thought I would let my Calbird buddies have a link to my Flickr photo site that I have recently started. All those rare birds and no one to share them with too often. I will be adding many photos over the next few years as that is how many images I think I have in my archives from years of birding and that does not even count my several boxes of slides, doh!. I will try and put up most of the rare and unusual stuff first as they are the most fun and interesting to deal with. Check back from time to time or I will post something eventually when I do certain sets of rarities and such.


      This link is to many of the Slaty-backed Gulls that I have been fortunate to photograph over the last few years in Northern California. Some are descent quality,  but most are for documentation and to learn from gleaning over the images from time to time only. Please let me know if the link does not work.






      Enjoy and learn!


      Todd Easterla

      Fair Oaks, Ca.