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11291Yuma White Ibis yes 20140215 Saturday evening.

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  • Elias Elias
    Feb 15, 2014
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      At least 6 observers in two locations had the immature White Ibis this evening at 6:32-6:35. My party was at the territorial prison state park parking lot. Using binoculars, I picked up the "brown" ibis flying with two snowy egrets about 2.0 km (+-500m) east of the parking lot. These birds were flying directly over the river and were 30-50 meters over the river--quite high. These birds flew past our observation point and passed over the bridges by a good bit. Perhaps twice the height of the bridges. Once in California the birds angled to the northwest, flew over the Marantz party and disappeared from view for both parties. Marantz et al repositioned and said their party had the White Ibis roosting in a tree. They intend to be at the roost site early tomorrow to look for the ibis again. I trust Curtis will post additional details tomorrow.

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