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11243Major Northern Fulmar event in Monterey Bay

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  • Brian Sullivan
    Dec 21, 2013
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      There is a tremendous number of Northern Fulmars currently near shore in Monterey. This morning from Pt. Pinos we estimated 3500 birds passing the point, and many hundreds sitting on the water just off the kelp. The day before Chris Hartzell reported a huge number. In looking at eBird it seems counts like this are not happening statewide, though there are some recent high counts from Baja. I'm wondering if others are seeing lots of Fulmars from local beaches? If I look at just December records, there is not much happening in Oregon and Washington. To make things more interesting, the event seems to include a broader array of plumages than we typically see here with 30% light-morph birds and a whole suite of intermediates, along with the typical dusky brown and gray-morph birds that we usually see. In any case, really neat things happening offshore right now! Here's today's eBird checklist:


      Brian L. Sullivan

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