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  • jpike44
    Oct 31 4:38 PM
      I don't mean to diminish the relevance of Calbirds, but there is one aspect of this discussion that I don't understand. Doesn't everyone already use the Birding Lists Digest (ie, digest.sialia.com) as their go-to source for the latest information on avian rarities, given the ease with which one can quickly scan for rarities amongst all of the various county list-serves throughout the state? If not, why not? Those that choose to use the Digest don't need every review-level species seen within every county to be posted on Calbirds, as they already know about it. That said, I do think every ultra-rarity merits being posted on Calbirds to ensure that the word gets out as quickly and widely as possible.

      Jim Pike

      Date: 10/31/13 2:06 pm
      From: Bob & Carol Yutzy <boby...>
      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Calbirds - usefulness
      Hello all,

      To me Calbirds is where I always go to follow the ins and outs on that
      rare bird that was reported outside my local listserves, like a Bean
      Goose in SoCal. I don't subscribe to all the individual California
      listservs as keeping up on 6 or 7 that I do get sometimes consumes a
      fair amount of time.

      Calbirds is a good place to regularly see what's happening birdwise
      throughout the State. Are Clay-colored Sparrows appearing in good
      numbers this fall in all areas of the state or just in Humboldt County
      (for example). Are there Black Vultures and/or Zone-tailed Hawks in
      California this winter?

      By noting the birds that are reported, Calbirds lets me know what I
      should report to Calbirds and probably to North American Birds as
      notable sightings and not just another report of a White-throated
      Sparrow at a local feeder. Can I get this important (to me, at least)
      statewide information anywhere else? eBird reports too often include
      Swan Goose or Mute Swan and stuff like that.

      Possibly the various California county eBird Reviewers could agree to
      pass on top applicable rare bird reports to Calbirds from their local area.

      Local listserves often have good rarities listed that don't make it on
      to Calbirds. We all could pass that information on through a Calbirds
      post, couldn't we?

      Bob Yutzy
      Shasta, CA
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