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11072Farallones mouse eradication public comment notice

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  • Steve Hampton
    Sep 26 1:25 PM

      The plan to eradicate the non-native house mouse (to benefit Ashy Storm-Petrels and others) on SE Farallon Island is now out for public comment.  

      Commenting is extremely easy on-line:

      2) enter FWS-R8-NWRS-2013-0036 in the box.
      3) click "comment now"

      Even a short comment should only take a few minutes.  

      I've been involved with the funding and design of this project from the start and can tell you it has the support of all the seabird biologists in the state.  We anticipate the benefits will be as good as when we did the rat eradication on Anacapa (see an excellent 4 min video on that at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG4mLKN6LT0&feature=youtu.be  ).  Note the project design (which uses rodenticide) has been used many times in New Zealand and elsewhere with great success.  

      The public comment period closes Sept 30, but I hear it will be extended.  At the moment, pro-mouse comments are bombarding the website, so we can use all the positive intelligent comments we can get.  


      Steve Hampton
      Davis, CA