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11056RE: [pen-bird] 09/16 Blue-footed Booby-San Mateo County

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  • Batkin, Leonie F
    Sep 16, 2013

      Ron Thorn just called to say at 9:00AM he had a BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY flying north from his seawatch post in Moss Beach, just south of where Dominik and Michael had their bird. 

      Details to follow.   


      The Messenger,

      Leonie Batkin for Ron Thorn



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      Dominik Mosur and I just saw an apparent juvenile BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY travelling north with a group of BROWN PELICAN. It was much smaller than the pelicans. Brown head. White undersides. Brown back and wings. White tail. We are at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve at the bluff overlook. Michael Park Berkeley