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  • Steve Sosensky
    Sep 5, 2013
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      Hi Calbirders,

      The following explanation is a slight modification of a message sent by Joel
      Weintraub to OrangeCountyBirding:

      Newbies are placed on message moderation when they come into Calbirds.
      That's to ensure that they follow our protocol rules about having their name
      and city on each of their posts. In the past we could accompany post
      rejection with comments, but with the new system, we are given only two
      choices.... accept or reject. Rejection of a post doesn't mean we disagree
      with it (although if it doesn't meet the guidelines for acceptable Calbirds
      topics, we will not let it through), but that you have not shown your name
      and city in the text of the message.

      The new system reduces our flexibility to moderate.

      Good viewing,

      Steve Sosensky, VP


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