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10997Re: [CALBIRDS] New bird info.

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  • Chuck & Lillian
    Sep 4, 2013
      Jo Ann,
      Here's a few Nutmeg Mannikin sites in LA County.
      Scroll down until you get to the mannikins.

      Your "chicken hawk" could be a Cooper's Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk or perhaps one of the small falcons, all predators of small birds.
      Chuck Almdale
      North Hills, Ca.

      At 12:38 PM 9/4/2013, Jo Ann wrote:
      >Hi everyone, a bit over my head but what great info. Just looked both birds up, if I do see a nutmeg manikin I will let you know. Have what I believe is a "chicken hawk" huge and fast going after all the little birds in the back yard. Will try to get a photo but he/it comes out of no where. The little hummers are not afraid of him I guess they are too small and fast. I live next to the "Wash" lots of trees and running water.
      >Jo Ann Bloomquist
      >Arcadia, CA
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