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10928Re: [CALBIRDS] Fwd lesser sandplover Monterey report

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  • Craig Swolgaard
    Aug 3, 2013
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      Marcel / Ramers:

      Since this is a "state" bird and there are folks willing to drive from far points to see it, would you keep the Calbirds listserv posted on the sandplover's whereabouts (many of us don't subscribe to the Monterey listserv). A posted photograph would also be good. Since I know Gary & Lynne I have no doubt that it was identified correctly, but it would encourage others. Having said that I am glad that you also have encouraged other birders to exercise restraint in crossing over the symbolic fencing since the bird was located in a snowy plover breeding area.

      Craig Swolgaard
      Georgetown, CA

      On Aug 3, 2013, at 9:14 AM, Marcel Holyoak wrote:

      > Forwarding this (i am Marcel Holyoak but don't personally know the observers). It was posted today, Saturday 8/3
      > Yesterday at about 7:30 AM, Lynne Stenzel and Gary Page found a sand-
      > plover on the south end of the beach in front of the houses at Pajaro
      > Dunes. Bob and I arrived at about 8 AM and saw the bird and I got
      > photo documentation. We determined it was a male LESSER SAND-PLOVER.
      > It was only on the beach for about 45 minutes early yesterday and was
      > not able to be found after that.
      > I just got word that the Lesser Sand-Plover is back in front of the
      > houses at Pajaro Dunes along the beach, again at the south end.
      > Please be aware that Snowy Plovers are still nesting in the area and
      > some have chicks. It would be best to stay on the lower beach which
      > has great views of the sand toward the houses. The Lesser Sand-Plover
      > was very flighty yesterday so it would be good to have the least
      > amount of disturbance to the bird.
      > Bernadette and Bob Ramer
      > Santa Cruz
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