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10915Lesser Sand-Plover & Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

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  • Matt Sadowski
    Jul 20, 2013
      Imperial Beach, San Diego County, 20 July 2013

      The adult Sharp-tailed Sandpiper is still being seen at a distance off
      and on all morning from along the bike path NE of 13th Street depending
      on its location in the pond. To my knowledge it has not left this pond
      to forage on tidal flats anywhere but this situation may change if the
      pond level is adjusted (this is an active salt works). The Lesser
      Sand-Plover flew in to the end of 7th Street with Semipalmated Plovers
      around high tide this morning, It was seen in both pond 10A (S of bike
      path) and pond 10 (N of bike path) before taking off and landing in the
      SE corner of pond 11 (2nd pond N of bike path and SE of the parking lot
      along Highway 75). This last spot is very distant from the bike path and
      I don't think anybody tried to keep track of it afterwards. As the tide
      goes out it may move to a location closer to the bike path (or not) or
      even move out onto the mudflats of Emory Cove to the N. Next high tide
      is at sunset and probably the best chance to see it back near 7th St.
      Matt Sadowski
      Chula Vista, CA
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