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10902Hawaiian and 5 Murphy's Petrels off HUM/DN

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  • lehman.paul@verizon.net
    Jul 12, 2013
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      On the morning of Weds, July 10, I was on a cruise ship on the initial
      nonstop leg of a trip from San Francisco to se. Alaska (and back) and were
      well off (60-80 miles) the Humboldt and Del Norte Counties coast for a few
      hours before entering Oregon waters and continuing north. CA highlights
      were a HAWAIIAN (DARK-RUMPED) PETREL ca. 70 miles off Arcata and a total of
      5 MURPHY'S PETRELS (1 off HUM, 4 off DN), which are quite unseasonal. We
      saw 5 more Murphy's later in the day off Oregon, so the day's total of 10
      birds is likely unprecedented for the U.S. West Coast after early June (?).
      Also off Humboldt was a single Sabine's Gull and Long-tailed Jaeger--scarce
      for the first half of July, probably... And on July 11 we had another
      Hawaiian (Dark-rumped) Petrel, this one off BC, where almost unknown (but
      the waters some 140 miles offshore there aren't exactly checked regularly!).

      Southbound leg in a few days from now....

      --Paul Lehman, San Diego

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