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  • Ed Stonick
    Jul 10, 2013
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      Hi all,

      Thanks for the extra information. Since there are only ten accepted records for Veery in the state and none since 1998, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many birders would possibly be interested in looking for it.

      Good Birding!


      Ed Stonick

      Pasadena, CA

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      The Sierra Nevada Field Campus has very limited parking usually with no extra spaces. And there are ongoing classes with students lodging (tents) near the sighting.

      Birders should consider asking for permission from campus staff before simply showing up. It is a long way to go to be denied entry.

      Dave Lukas who found the bird, is teaching a course there. He originally posted to Sierra Nevada birds list, never expecting somebody to re-post to a wider audience.

      Bruce Webb
      Granite Bay, CaliforniaStan Walens <stan.walens@... <mailto:stan.walens%40gmail.com> > wrote:I google-mapped it:

      Bassetts Station, Sierra City, CA

      But better directions would be nice.

      Stan Walens
      San Diego

      On Jul 10, 2013, at 12:09 PM, Ed Stonick <edstonick@... <mailto:edstonick%40earthlink.net> > wrote:


      What city, town or county is this?

      Ed Stonick

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      From: Doug

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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] FWD: VEERY

      Not sure why this was never posted to Calbirds in the first place.

      Hi All,

      Our bird class spent about 45 minutes with the continuing Veery at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus this morning. It sang and called the entire time and everyone in the group had multiple, and sometimes excellent, views of the bird. It was still present and singing loudly this evening. It's just upstream of the dining hall (near some of the tent cabins so please be respectful if you visit) but down on the river flats among the alder and willow thickets.

      The Field Campus is a mile upstream of Bassett's Station on Hwy. 49.


      David Lukas

      Author of "Sierra Nevada Birds"



      Ed Stonick
      Pasadena, CA
      edstonick@... <mailto:edstonick%40earthlink.net>

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