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10819Eastern Whip-poor-will access update 5/27

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  • David Suddjian
    May 27, 2013

      Reports on MBB and the County Birders list reported the continued presence
      of the Eastern Whip-poor-will through last night, but I did not see any
      report on Calbirds, so this can suffice: it was still there. I have an
      update from the residents Patti and Graham about possible dates to visit to
      try for the bird. See directions and a contact phone number for permission
      to visit in the original email below. An eBird hotspot named "Valencia
      Creek Ranch (restricted access)" has been set up for the bird.

      They are able to host birders on these evenings:
      May 27, 28, 29 and 30, and June 1 and 2
      *Please be advised that they are** not available to host birders on May 31st
      Opportunities after June 3 will be determined later.

      David Suddjian

      On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 11:26 PM, David Suddjian <dsuddjian@...>wrote:

      > Birders,
      > Last night I was alerted by Melanie Wirtanen to the presence of a bird
      > thought to be a Mexican Whip-poor-will in Aptos. The bird had been present
      > for at least a week, and maybe several days longer than that, and had been
      > noted as unusual by Melanie and her husband, and Patti and Graham Bubb, and
      > Melanie was able to determine it was a whip-poor-will. This evening (May
      > 25) I went to hear it with Alex Rinkert, John Garrett and Lois and Wally
      > Goldfrank. We were expecting to encounter a Mexican Whip-poor-will. The
      > bird began to call in the distance at 8:32 pm. At first it was far off and
      > hard to hear, but later we heard it very well and began to realize that the
      > call did not match that of Mexican, but thought it might be an Eastern
      > Whip-poor-will! We listened to it as it called in bouts for over an hour
      > and eventually heard it at fairly close range and Alex obtained some
      > recordings of the call on his camera (and I some lesser quality recordings
      > on my lesser quality camera). After we got back in cell reception we
      > compared what we heard and Alex's recording to some recordings on line and
      > we believe it is an Eastern Whip-poor-will (which if accepted would be the
      > 2nd CA record, I believe). We welcome informed opinions.
      > Alex's recording from his video is here:
      > http://www.flickr.com/photos/bdmanzanita/8837432778/
      > Generally speaking, this bird's call had a fairly clear 1st note, a 2nd
      > note with a quaver or slight burr, and a highest 3rd note that seemed say
      > 'will' and had a slight down inflection. In contrast, the Mexican has 1st
      > and 2nd notes that are both burry (and much more so than the Aptos bird),
      > and the third note is more a 'wee' and does not have a down inflection.
      > The bird is located along a private road which requires passage through a
      > combination gate. Fortunately, Patti and Graham Bubb are extending to
      > birders some very hospitable access through June 2, after which time they
      > will be away. Patti invites birders to call her to arrange permission to
      > visit. 831 689-0331. We hope everyone will be courteous and respectful.
      > Call first for permission, but here are the directions to get you there.
      > Take Freedom Blvd from Highway 1 and go 0.9 mile to Valencia Road. Go left
      > on Valencia Road for 1.1 miles to Cox Road. Go right on Cox Road for 1.0
      > mile and veer left onto a private drive at a bank of mailboxes located on
      > the left side. Here you enter Valencia Creek Ranch. After about 0.1 mile
      > you come to a gate with a keypad combination, which can be obtained by
      > calling Patti Bubb. After passing through the gate, you immediately pass a
      > white house on he left, then a low red barn-type structure, and park near
      > the barn, There is a house with a redwood board fence immediately ahead.
      > The bird has been heard right near that house, but tonight we heard it west
      > of that house, across the nearby drainage which is Valencia Creek. The road
      > forks just pass the house and the left fork dips down to cross the creek
      > and doubles back as it climbs out of the creek. We were within 75 meters of
      > the bird about 200 meters after crossing the creek. It was calling from a
      > patch of scrub that is upslope. Patti reports that it calls most of the
      > night. She thought it began at 8:15 last night, but tonight it was at 8:32
      > pm.
      > David Suddjian
      > Capitola

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