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10769Survey Volunteers for Inter-specific Research

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  • Nathan Burroughs
    Apr 22, 2013
      Dear Calbirds,

      I am an undergraduate student at UCLA looking for volunteers to participate
      in a survey for a study on geographical variation in song characteristics.
      I sent an earlier email regarding plumage characteristics, and we are now
      moving onto part two of the study. Participants will rate the similarity of
      the songs of several warbler species, as we examine aggressive interactions
      between species.

      If you are able to volunteer to take this survey, please e-mail me at
      nathanbwarbler@..., and I will send you an e-mail with the URL to the
      survey and more information.

      Thank you in advance,

      Nathan Burroughs
      Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
      University of California, Los Angeles

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