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10745Fw: Re: Wilson's Plover confirmed - LA County

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  • Christopher Taylor
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Don't believe this made it to CALBIRDS - but for anyone interested,
      this would represent the first record of Wilson's Plover for LACO if

      Some photos of the Wilson's Plover this afternoon:


      For easiest access, park along Vista del Mar just south of Waterview
      St. - there are several ramps that take you right down to the beach.

      The Wilson's Plover was ranging with the Snowy Plover flock between
      lifeguard tower #46 and the small rock outcrop to the south.

      Good luck

      Christopher Taylor
      Marina del Rey, CA

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      It is indeed a Wilson's at Dockweiler. Looking at it with Curtis Marantz in same location described earlier. Will post photos later

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