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10725Possible Glaucous gull, 2nd cycle at the Elephant Seal site near Piedras Blanca

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  • captnpeebs
    Mar 5, 2013
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      I know this is a bit late but thought, this was important. I sighted this Last Wed. afternoon(feb. 27) in the afternoon at low tide. We came the next day in the morning, high tide, and didn't refind it. Wow this gull stuck out like a sore thumb on the sand spit on the north beach of the E. Seal parking lot. All white, bubble gum colored legs, distinctively bi-colored beak(black tip/light base), it was similar in size to the other gulls around it (Herring, Glaucous winged.) I also noticed a smaller gull adult, looking like it may be a Thayers, but the wing tip was grey not black...
      good birding,
      Gary Peebles
      Seal Beach, Ca