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10720Winter wren n end of salton sea

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  • John Sterling
    Feb 26, 2013
      Just returned from hiking out on e whitewater river levee towards the river mouth at the salton sea. I was looking for the wintering Black thr Blue Warbler which I saw at on the river edge adjacent to the ninth "no trespassing" sign that you come to on the levee road. I ventured south a bit and found a calling Winter Wren (the eastern species) directly adjacent to the tenth "no trespassing" sign. Was not able to see the bird, but it called constantly in the thicket. When I tried to induce it to come out for a photo with a playback of its call, it move a bit and went silent. Also no luck on the Palm Warbler but it was getting dark when I looked at the spot.

      At the dairy pond along the Ramona Parkway near San Jacinto, I spent seven hours checking on the gulls. One first cycle and one adult Lesser Black backed, one adult Mew, about ten Thayer's and a first cycle Glaucous Gull were all present, but no Iceland Gull.

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