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10702Pt. Lobos Sightings

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  • debbieviess
    Feb 16, 2013
      Hi Folks,
      My husband David and I walked the trails of Pt. Lobos yesterday seeking wildlife of all stripes. We were not disappointed.

      Best bird sighting was an adult Peregrine falcon, sitting atop a dead pine inshore from Bird Rock. Amusingly enough, he or she was "people-watching"...there was a film crew right below his perch. Videographers and talking heads were there in conjunction with the Ventana Wilderness Society, shooting in China Cove, with a "wardrobe" of outdoorsy gear and flannel shirts hanging outside of their trailer, and pseudo-surfboarding shots in those spectacular turquoise waters. Amongst all of that artifice, right above them was that magnificent bird, and NO ONE ever looked up to see it, including the Rangers who were apparently supervising the shoot.


      Earlier in the day, David and I saw a disturbance in the ocean force...standing waves way out in the Bay. Was there a rock formation or something out that way, we wondered??? Nope. The "disturbance" came closer to shore, and resolved into a large pod of Common Dolphins, porpoising madly in a flight to the south. I estimated about 200 souls in that pod. Best of all, some young Aussie tourists were also paused along that trail, and I passed around my Swarovskies so that all could see the delightful dolphin details. They were amazed and remarked, "Wow, just like a nature show!"

      Yeah, except...way mo' bettah.

      Gotta love California.

      Debbie Viess
      Oakland, CA