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10696Re: [CALBIRDS] Maricopa Thrasher Trespassing Warning

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  • Chuck & Lillian
    Feb 11, 2013
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      From the north end of Petroleum Club where it starts just south of Taft, if you drive a mile or less down PCR, there is a dirt road on the west side of the road that goes up a not-steep, moderately low hill. LETHs are in this area. I don't recall that there are wells in this particular vicinity or that the road is blocked off or anything, although I could be mistaken.

      Chuck Almdale
      North Hills, Ca.

      At 12:24 PM 2/10/2013, Brad Schram wrote:
      >I just received an email from a Virginia birder who had followed
      >directions in "A Birder's Guide to Southern California" to Petroleum
      >Club Road in Maricopa, looking for LeConte's Thrasher. He said he'd
      >walked about 50 yards down a dirt road off Petroleum Club when he was
      >approached by Chevron security guards who detained him for awhile in an
      >extended conversation. They were reluctant to just let him apologize
      >and leave, even though the area is not posted and he was in an area with
      >no active wells.
      >If you go to Maricopa to look for LeConte's Thrashers, please stay on
      >the public roads and their immediate shoulders. It looks like Chevron
      >may be ratcheting up security in the salt bush there.
      >Brad Schram
      >Arroyo Grande
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