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10655Iceland Gull photos

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  • Matthew Dodder
    Jan 20, 2013

      Here are some of the photos of today's ICELAND GULL at the Davis
      Water Treatment ponds from 2-3PM


      Steve Hampton's original post of the bird hardly needs expansion,
      except I would add that we knew where to focus our search by locating
      the thickest group of Gulls on the levy and working through it.
      Beginning from the close edge, we scanned out to about 1/3 of the
      length of the rocky shore. Beyond that, his original comments about
      the bird perching half-way up the levy, and descending to the water
      every few minutes for a drink were very helpful in locating the bird.
      These shots were taken by Caroline Lambert. Others will be posted
      when available.

      . . .

      Matthew Dodder
      Mountain View, CA

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