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10615Tule Lake NWR Common Redpolls

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  • bankswallow
    Jan 5, 2013
      Today, two groups observed COMMON REDPOLLs, while conducting the Tule Lake CBC. Tule Lake NWR is in the NE corner of Siskiyou Co., and NW corner of Modoc Co. The NWR headquarters is on Hill Road, west of the town of Tulelake.

      Nine birds were seen feeding in Stinging Nettle on the Auto Tour Route, just after the first turn (to the right) after the start of the tour route from Hill Road, south of the Visitor's Center of the Tule Lake Refuge Headquarters. This route is along the perimeter of Sump 1A (and is in Siskiyou Co.). So, from the Tule Lake NWR Visitor's Center, on Hill Road, go south to the start of the Tour Route (which would be an eastward, or left turn). The gravel road will eventually take a right turn. When headed in that direction, water (or ice now) would be on the left, and vegetation on the right.

      Eight birds were seen feeding in Stinging Nettle, along the North Dike Road of Sump 1B (the southern water impoundment), and were about one-quarter to one-third of a mile east of the "T" junction of the Modoc-Siskiyou County Line Rd. (north and south running road) and the North Dike Road of Sump 1B (an east-west running road). That places that group into Modoc Co. That location is not on the tour route, but can be accessed from the tour route.

      Kevin Spencer
      Klamath Falls, OR