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10610Zone-tailed Hawk nabs White-throated Swift!!

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  • lehman.paul@verizon.net
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Weds, Jan 2, Marantz and Lehman saw the continuing GRACE'S WARBLER in
      Camino Real Park in Ventura in the early AM--in the closest pine to the
      backstop of BallField #1. We then went to Lake Casitas and were joined by
      Ballard and Bevier. From 10:15-12:15 we had a ZONE-TAILED HAWK off and on
      working the north side of the lake, especially just to the west of the
      recreation area entrance. At one point we watched the bird suddenly stoop
      down and GRAB A WHITE-THROATED SWIFT OUT OF THE AIR!!! Pretty impressive!!
      It then plucked the bird on a dead limb. We also had a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER
      flycatching from a utility pole--about the 5th or 6th pole east of the main
      recreation area entrance. Also an adult Bald Eagle.

      --Paul Lehman, San Diego

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