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10596Birding List Digest (Sialia) and eBird

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  • Chris Conard
    Dec 31, 2012

      While this won't be news to the vast majority of Calbirds members, many new
      folks join and some out of state birders subscribe for short periods, so I
      figured it would be worth mentioning other sources of info on rare bird

      Rarities are often posted for a few days on Calbirds and then many updates
      or more detailed directions are posted local lists (maybe that shouldn't be
      the case, but it often is, so it is worth checking). Nearly all of the
      local/regional lists are available through the Birding List Digest (Sialia)
      (for California: http://digest.sialia.com/?region=2). Another great
      source that keeps getting better is eBird (Explore Data, then Range and
      Point Maps or Bar Charts).

      In light of the confusion over the status of the Falcated Duck in Colusa,
      these sources are worth checking, especially before making a long drive.

      All the best,

      Chris Conard

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