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10518RE: [CALBIRDS] Re: [LACoBirds] White Wagtail California Records

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  • Guy McCaskie
    Dec 9, 2012

      The answer is YES - 27.

      Rare Birds of California (Hamilton et al 2007) lists 26 CBRC endorsed
      records (Rare Birds of California was published after the AOU "lumped" the
      Black-backed and White Wagtails). The Table of Records updated through 31
      October 2012 (see the CBRC website) lists one additional record. As such,
      the CBRC has endorsed 27 records.

      In cases like this, where the exact number of records for any given species
      is required, I recommend using the number listed in Rare Birds of
      California, the additional number listed in the updated Table of Records at
      the CBRC website, and any very recent records a query of the CBRC DataBase
      may show.

      Guy McCaskie

      Secretary CBRC



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      Hi all.

      A query of the CBRC database brings up 12 records for White Wagtail,
      &partial=on&sort=date&STARTDATE=&ENDDATE=&county= and nine records for
      Black-backed Wagtail,
      &partial=on&sort=date&STARTDATE=&ENDDATE=&county= . Since the update to Rare
      Birds of California doesn't mention Black-backed Wagtail, we can assume that
      it lumps both species under White Wagtail. There is a disclaimer that
      "certain pre-1997 records may be missing," from the CBRC database. In this
      case almost a quarter of the records are missing.

      Does anyone know the actual number of White Wagtail records? From the data
      available we can surmise that it is at least 12 and as high as 18.

      Take care,


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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Re: [LACoBirds] White Wagtail California Records

      On Sat, 8 Dec 2012 19:55:44 -0800, "Joel Weintraub" <orcorba@...
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      >"Rare Birds of California" book by Hamilton, Patten and
      >Erickson of the Bird Records Committee shows 26 accepted records as of the
      >copyright of the book of 2007. Included within those records are sightings
      >of Black-backed Wagtails that are now considered to be part of the White
      >Wagtail species.

      The online update to the CBRC book indicates there are 27 accepted


      Two photos by Kerry Ross are available on the WFO web site...


      Direct link...


      Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA
      "It turns out we're very good at not seeing things" - Jack Hitt

      Bernardo Alps
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