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10402Marked Western Grebes - we need your help!

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  • Western Grebe
    Oct 12, 2012
      Hi All,

      I�m a research assistant at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, where
      we are studying western grebe migratory connectivity and wintering
      distribution using nasal marking and color marking (for many reasons,
      satellite telemetry was not a feasible option). Last month, we captured
      and marked grebes at breeding sites in Manitoba and Alberta. Now we are
      looking to local birders along the Pacific coast to help us re-sight marked
      grebes this winter, as birds should be arriving at wintering areas this
      month. The link below is a flyer with pictures of what to look for, and
      provides information on who to contact if you see a marked grebe. We need
      your help!


      Thanks for your time, and feel free to forward this message and the flyer
      to anyone that you think may be interested.


      Eric Palm

      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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