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10392Painted redstart at Alondra park!!!!!!!!! (Pic/info)

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  • dinuk magammana
    Oct 9, 2012
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      Hello everyone,

      I been trying to send this email soon as I got home along with the photos!

      So yea, the PAINTED REDSTART was in the row of pine trees, along the golfcourse fence, in the middle of Alondra Park. Basically park on the parking lot near the pond, (there is a back parking lot near the kids sandbox area too). But park in the front one, and find the row of pine trees along the golfcourse fence and start walking, until you come to the middle of Alondra park. You should see a HUGE grass  hill to the right, then you know you are  in middle of the park. And while walking along the golfcourse fence look for a little water creek on the golfcourse side. (run off water type) And the bird was in those pine trees. There is 4 HUGE fig type tree right next to those pine trees too, he at times flew into those tress which are near by. BUT always stayed within sight, untill i lets around 1:30 ish pm. Tommye hite also came in and saw the bird. 

      Here is a GPS coordinates (33.884446,-118.335363)

      Other info,
      The bird is making calling/sing type sounds. Sound similar to a Hutton vireo calls. Fairly loud!  Which is how i found the bird! (and shocked me half to death!)

      The bird is very active, like a kinglet, walk very slow and scan the trees,and look for fluttering. It also cling to trees like a nuthatch! It is not too responsive to pishhing. BUT it will come very close, it came like 3-4 feets within me! 
      This is a new bird to Alondra Park!!! 
      and  on a little personal note, this is my 1st "Code 2"  find :) 

      lighting under those pine trees are very bad, just to let everyone know. Easy to see for most part, but difficult to photograph. I will post more photos later. (school work to do now)

      here is one of the photos!

      2nd,pic its eating a bug. 

      GOOD birding everyone! 
      email me if there is questions ,be happy to help. 

      Yay lifer 272! 
      Dinuk Magammana
      Torrance CA.

      From: Dinuk <dmagammana@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 12:40 PM
      Subject: [LACoBirds] Painted redstart at Alondra park!!!!!!!!!


      I'm super suppppper excited!
      I just found my lifer painted redstart as of 12:38pm!
      It's in the pine tree row.

      Oh yea it a beautiful MALE!! :))

      Lifer 272!

      Great birding
      Dinuk magammana
      Torrance CA.

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