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10367Common Cuckoo, Watsonville Slough

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  • Brooke Miller
    Oct 2, 2012
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      Mary Ann Allen and I went down to find the cuckoo this morning. We arrived at Ramsay Park nature center at just after 7:30, and headed down the slough trail. There were already a couple birders there who had not yet seen it. It was not seen until around 9 am by some others, but not Mary Ann and I. We were summoned over to the spot by Caroline Lambert who called my cell phone. We quickly moved there but didn't see it. Around 9:30 it was seen between the trail and the slough, closer to the nature center than where it had been seen earlier today and yesterday, and we all ran back there and got some decent views. Unfortunately the lighting was bad for photos as the bird was in the shade in the willows. The spot we all saw it is shown on the Google maps location I've linked to.

      Here is the Google maps location:


      Attached is one of my pics.

      Brooke Miller
      Los Altos, CA

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