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10125San Luis Obispo County Pelagic Trip

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  • Michael D. Stiles
    Jun 23, 2012
      WHEN: Saturday, September 29
      TIME: 7:00am - 3:00pm
      WHERE: Out of Avila Beach/Port San Luis
      COST: $110

      It's time once again for our annual Morro Coast Audubon pelagic trip.

      We will depart from Port San Luis on the 65' Pacific Horizon for an eight hour birding excursion and will stay in San Luis Obispo County waters. The boat has a hot galley and food will be available.

      Leaders again this year are the eminently qualified Brad Schram and Tom Edell.

      We are offering a free ride to anyone wishing to spend the day chumming with popcorn and dripping fish oil to attract the tubenosed birds out there. First one to ask me has the job, with the caveat that you cannot leave the stern.

      Please email Mike Stiles <mstiles@...> to receive information and sign-up sheets. You will be placed on the passenger list in the order in which I receive your check and sign-up form. Beat the rush. Sign up today.

      Thank you
      Mike Stiles
      Los Osos
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