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Re: [CA-West] 28 February Meeting -- Program Schedule

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  • Casey Karp
    ... Yes, thank you for the reminder. We have had mixed results on that -- sometimes they ve left the restrooms open for us, sometimes not. I ll try to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 22, 2009
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      On Sunday 22 February 2009 at 1:54 pm, Mike wrote:
      > kept open after hours for those events.  If you think you may run past 6pm
      > you should ask about that.  (I remember attending a CA-West meeting there
      > and leaving early because the rest room was locked up.)  Also, the Friends

      Yes, thank you for the reminder. We have had mixed results on that -- sometimes they've left the restrooms open for us, sometimes not. I'll try to remember to ask about that when we get the room opened for us.

      > of the Library have raised many $$$ at Games Days through the honor system
      > snack cart in the lobby.  There is a nice selection of snacks, sodas,
      > juices, coffee and teas.  Bring small bills and change and you won't have
      > to make a snack run.

      Indeed. Even if you bring lunch with you, throwing cash at the Friends via the snack cart for a late afternoon caffeine or sugar fix is a good thing to do!

      Pope Goestheveezl was the shortest reigning pope in the history of the
      Church, reigning for two hours and six minutes on 1 April 1866. The
      white smoke had hardly faded into the blue of the Vatican skies before
      it dawned on the assembled multitudes in St. Peter's Square that his
      name had hilarious possibilities. The crowds fell about, helpless with
      laughter, singing
      Half a pound of tuppenny rice
      Half a pound of treacle
      That's the way the chimney smokes
      Pope Goestheveezl
      The square was finally cleared by armed carabineri with tears of
      laughter streaming down their faces. The event set a record for
      hilarious civic functions, smashing the previous record set when Baron
      Hans Neizant Bompzidaize was elected Landburgher of Koln in 1653.
      -- Mike Harding, "The Armchair Anarchist's Almanac"

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