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88Re: [CA-West] Re: URGENT: equipment for June mtg

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  • Casey Karp
    Jun 16, 2008
      On Monday 16 June 2008, ed_cawest wrote:
      > I leave the house at 5AM tomorrow (Tue 6/17). The last chance for me
      > to transfer the stuff to somebody is 11PM - midnight tonight unless you
      > plan to be outside my house at 5AM tomorrow.
      > My phone number is (408) 227-4292. If you want the equipment for the
      > June meeting, call me ASAP.

      I hope somebody can get down to Ed's to pick the stuff up. Unfortunately, I
      can't -- I've got roofers here tearing my house apart.

      If nobody can get the stuff, we *will* have a meeting, but I don't know how
      much fun it will be for people to gather around my laptop!

      "Kirk to Enterprise -- beam down yeoman Rand and a six-pack."
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