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62Re: [CA-West] May Flier

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  • Casey Karp
    May 6, 2008
      On Tuesday 06 May 2008 at 11:19 am, you wrote:
      > I fixed the fliers, but I was too busy/tired to post it at the time, and
      > I'm at school at the moment. I've put some at Los Gatos Library, and I'll
      > put more out as I distribute the Fanime newsletter. I'll post them to the
      > group the first chance I get.

      Thank you, Eileen. Very much appreciated!


      PS: As usual, schedule will be posted this weekend. If anyone wants to lobby
      for specific titles to appear in the "Tryouts", now's the time.
      On his first day as a bus driver, Maxey Eckstein handed in
      receipts of $65. The next day his take was $67. The third day's
      income was $62. But on the fourth day, Eckstein emptied no less than
      $283 on the desk before the cashier.
      "Eckstein!" exclaimed the cashier. "This is fantastic. That
      route never brought in money like this! What happened?"
      "Well, after three days on that cockamamie route, I figured
      business would never improve, so I drove over to Fourteenth Street and
      worked there. I tell you, that street is a gold mine!"
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