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100Re: [CA-West] Discussion: July meeting location/date

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  • Casey Karp
    Jul 8, 2008
      On Tuesday 08 July 2008 at 08:08 pm, Eileen Chong wrote:
      > My vote is for July 26, because I'll be gone on the 19th.

      Funny, I was going to say that my vote would be for the 19th, because I'll be
      gone on the 26th. (Seriously, though, if the group would prefer the 26th,
      I'll prep a machine and send it along with the projector.)

      > Or, as Ed said, we could have 2 meetings! xD

      Only if you want to watch the same things twice, 'cause I don't think I want
      to put together two different schedules. <grin>

      Ah say, son, you're about as sharp as a bowlin' ball.
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