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Re: [ByzantiumNovumMilitarium] Fortifications of Rhodes

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  • James Mathews
    Greetings All; The Byzantium Blog identity is: http://ByzantiumNovumMilitarium.blogspot.com Respectfully; Marcus Audens
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 17, 2012
      Greetings All;

      The Byzantium Blog identity is:


      Marcus Audens

      On Jul 17, 2012, at 10:19 PM, James Mathews wrote:

      Greetings All;

      Yesterday Evening I finally finished the drawing of the second major individual fortification within the Rhodes City forts.  For those who may have an interest, the drawing uploaded was "The Tower of the Windmills."  The first drawing in my blog which I had named the Windmill Tower, is actually the Naillac Tower.  These two towers stand opposite each other across the mouth of the Harbour of Rhodes.  When they were constructed, a heavy chain thrown across the harbour had one end fastened to the Naillac Tower and the other end was made fast to the Tower of the Windmills.  

      Each of these towers were constructed at the extreme ends of two moles.  The Tower of the Windmills was built at the end of a long mole which extended 300 meters to the North of the city.  The Naillac Tower was built under the guidance of Grand Master de Naillac (1396 - 1421).  The Tower of the Windmills was built by the Grand Master Jean d Lastic in (1441 - 1442).  The tower was destroyed in the major earthquake which shook the island in 1863.   The Tower of Windmills was also seriously damaged during the siege of 1480, and was restored by Grand Master d' Aubusson who also fortified the tower and turned it into a fort, since it was apparent that the Turks would return and not give up their attempts to take the fortifications.  

      I am currently working on the third individual tower which is the St. Nicholas tower / fort.


      Konstantin Nossov, Brian Delf (Illustrator), " The Fortress of Rhodes 1309-1522," Fortress 96, Osprey Pub., Oxford, U. K., 2010.

      Respectfully Submitted;

      Marcus Audens


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