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  • James Mathews
    Greetings All, Well we had a severe tornado in CT as well, so I am posting to tell you that I am still alive (Grin!!!) -- whether anyone is interested or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2011
      Greetings All,

      Well we had a severe tornado in CT as well, so I am posting to tell you that I am still alive (Grin!!!) -- whether anyone is interested or not!!! (-:  (-:  

      Religion is really not my long suit, and while I firmly believe there is a great force somewhere in the galaxy.  One glance at how a blade of grass grows under a microscope tells me that something or someone has some great ideas!!  However, I am not sure about any of the religious ideas based on books which have been put together after many years between their actual writings and their publication.  Also, I understand that many of the books that King James had available were not included in the bible even though the writer's were of the same period.  As to the Koran, when people tell me that the writings in that volume come from writings on men's backs and large leaves. I am somewhat doubtful about all that.  They are mostly a good read, and I am sure that there are verse which can comfort and even heal.  However, to my mind, this may well be the body works when one is eased of pain and the agony of a wound or disease. Turning water into wine, and feeding a multitude with a couple of loaves of bread and some fish doesn't seem to gain any faith in their actually happening.  Someone told me once that a "silver thread of truth" runs through the bible and perhaps that is the best way for me to look at things.  I fell much better when I have problems, walking among my grove of trees than I do in a church, so maybe that is supposed to tell me something. 

      True, there are happenings in history that cannot be explained by our present technology, but that technology in the days of the ancient writings would surely have been seen as "magic."  When I ask questions of those who purport to be "Experts" the answer that I get is "faith."  In my experience my "faith" in anything that I have felt strongly about didn't work out too well so I am in a bit of a quandary about the whole idea.

      I have always said that I am a member of the Christianity world, but as I grow older, I have more and more questions about established religions.  I have taken college courses about religions and aspects of religion and they haven't helped much since the questions that arise are far more than the answers provided, and again the word "Faith" reigns supreme.

      I think that the Ten Commandments are a good set of rules to follow in life, just as is the Golden Rule, and the Roman Rules for living a good life are something to work at.  Where all these came from is a good story but frankly I believe they came from the mind of man, not by a lightening bolt out of the sky. 

      I have no doubt that the above will raise a few eyebrows, and garner a few remarks, however, it is the way I feel and I have not yet found anyone who is supposed to be a religious expert who has any of the answers to questions which are critical to me.  In fact most of those whom I have contacted didn't wish to talk about answers, but simply pray with me.  This may well have helped the expert, but I can't say that it did much for me.   The answer to this, I suppose is that had I not prayed, things would have been worse.  However, the old argument about "what might have happened," to me is really not an answer to anything.

      Since joining the list, I must however acknowledge the beauty and belief that I see through the eyes of others that have posted here.  I am a tad envious in one idea, but my practical side has questions as always.

      Senator Cassius has asked that this discussion be moved to this list, but I am afraid that I may not be welcome among such a list of Christian believers.  Perhaps I should remain involved only with the Militarium.


      Marcus Audens 

      On Jun 6, 2011, at 1:40 PM, J. C. Smith ispán wrote:

      Hi there,
      This post got me thinking.  We had that tornado in Massachussets recently and I wrote to all five of our folks there to make sure everyone was OK.  Only two wrote back to let me know they survived.  That means three of them are dead /out of power or don't want to hear from us (or at least me). 
      It's a mystery to me why a person wouldn't write back if someone wanted to know if you were alive or dead.



      "The only way Congress can give one American a dollar is to first take it from another American. Therefore, an entitlement is a congressionally given right for one American to live at the expense of another." -- Economist Walter E. Williams

      From: Cassius <byzantiumnovum@...>
      To: ByzantiumNovumSenate@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, June 6, 2011 9:40:30 AM
      Subject: [ByzantiumNovumSenate] Re: Byzantium Leadership

      Salve Senator Matyas, 

      Thanks for bringing this topic up, it merits some discussion! :)

      There is actually a lot of activity going on in BN, but at the moment it's a bit uncoordinated. Most of the Senate is quite active - we've kind of chosen our own "areas of expertise" and are keeping busy. 

      You've been working with religious topics and are starting to post lessons to the Militarium list, Baduila has been coordinating the formation of colonies and creating materials for the new Counts, Amma has been working on a newsletter and other promotional/information projects, Audens has been doing his weblogs and working in the militarium (and its historical reenacting season for him right now!) and I've been processing Citizens, putting out ads, working on websites, dealing with inquiries/correspondence, posting updates, etc. 

      Senator Flavius Vedius Germanicus is on hiatus and is currently not subscribed to any BN lists including this one. He may participate again in event of a crisis and would lend a hand if desperately needed, but Byzantium is not his main focus so we cannot expect him here regularly. That leaves two Senators who don't have projects going (yet!) but hopefully this is something we can get sorted out. 

      My feeling is that we should start communicating here more so that we can coordinate what we're doing. Also, we can hopefully begin to work with and encourage the Counts to have more public involvement. Their main focus is of course building Citizen participation on the local level, but they also need to be "plugged in" to the overall system. They should be a working part of the big picture with the rest of us and not a bunch of separate "small pictures" that nobody communicates with. ;) 

      Our other issue is that the Citizens tend to stay fairly quiet on the lists. They respond to things when topics come up, but there is not a whole lot of "basic Citizen chatter" going on. My belief is that this is due to a general lack of knowledge about Byzantine topics and shyness resulting from that...

      I did just rewrite the monthly list update for the main list and that will come up monthly - it has suggestions for Citizens about stuff they can talk about!

      Anyway, that's the overall picture as it's seeming to me. Anyone else have thoughts and ideas? :)

      -Marcus Cassius Julianus

      --- In ByzantiumNovumSenate@yahoogroups.com, "exarchmatyasban" <exarchmatyas@...> wrote:
      > Salve Senators, as the Summer is coming, just wanted to put an issue up again. Just wanted to "harp" about all these leaders being created but I see no new publishing to the yahoo website, not counting the regulars? Is there a different list I am missing, trust me I am tech low savey? Of course memebership is great but maybe most people dont work as hard as a Senator? As we all publish regularly? Please reply, All Glory to Byzantium, Matyas Exarch    PS I have a Lovely Aramiac- Byzantine Greek-Englsh Language Bible Translation study, of course showing all critical analysis from Aramiac to Greek all in english language NO need for greek or aramiac required!!! Please let me know if this would be approved for the site your excellencies.


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