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9Re: Some Byzantine Culture at home...reference material

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  • Cassius
    Jun 20, 2010
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      Salve Senator,

      I've been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks now, lol! I'm afraid that even with the cool new Byzantine section I still tend to scatter books all over. Every time I think of it some of the books are at home, or at work. (And of course in the car... you don't want to get caught someplace without a book, lol!)

      I'll see if I can get everything together tomorrow, and start a decent list. ;)

      In the meantime, I'm pretty excited about the book group in the Literature Sodalitas. Even though I've read "Lost to the West" I'm really looking forward to discussing the material with others!


      --- In ByzantiumNovumCulture@yahoogroups.com, MMT Audens <mmaudens42nr@...> wrote:
      > Senator Cassius;
      > In regard to your bookshelf, could I persuade you to provide a list of those books about Byzantium to the Main List? Both the ones that you recommend and those which you find not so important.
      > It seems to me that I have not heard a great deal from the Byzantium Library, and yet I am sure that all of the current Citizens must have some references for Byzantium as well as a few words about the worthiness of the reference.
      > In my experience, the sharing of references is one of the fastest ways to bring everyone one up to speed in relation to cultural information, attitudes, and mores. Once that has begun all citizens can begin to take part in the discussions and proposals that will move BN and nourish it's growth.
      > Of course, there are some here who know a great deal about the Byzantine Empire and some who know very little. I consider myself one of the latter, and so I have signed up as a "student of Byzantine history" and it is through the references and library of which I spoke, that I will be able to gain the knowledge and information that I need to continue here in Byzantium Novum and assist in bringing it to it's full fruition.
      > Your Servant;
      > Very Respectfully;
      > Marcus Audens
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