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  • James Mathews
    Jul 11, 2014
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      >>>> BRUTTII <<<<

      ---formerly Brettioi, named after the tribe of the same name who inhabited the mountainous southwestern peninsula (toe) of Italy, now known as Calabria (in ancient times Calabria was Italy’s heel).  The inhabitants became known by the Oscan name of Brettioi (‘slaves,’  ‘runaways’) after breaking away from the Lucanians to whom they were subject (326), and establishing an independent regime at Consenta (Cosenza): they captured Hipponium (Vibo Valentia) and Terina (Catanzaro), two of the numerous Greek cities near the coast, and resisted attacks first from Taras (Tarentum, Taranto) and then from Syracuse.  Their principal products were ships’ timber and pitch.

      Becoming gradually Hellenized, and issuing numerous and varied coins with Greek inscriptions, the Bruttians sided with Pyrrhus of Epirus against the Romans, who celebrated six Triumphs at their cost (278-272) and annexed one half of the Sila forest, although permitting them to retain a mint.  After the Bruttians had defected to Hannibal during the Second Punic War, and had been subsequently brought to order (216 - 213), they were deprived of further territory, ringed around with Roman colonies, and, according to Appian, virtually reduced to slavery.  In c131 the Via Appia received an extension, probably known as the Via Annia, which passed through Consentia on its way to the coastal city of Rhegium (Reggio di Calabria).  During the later empire Bruttii was united with Lucania as a single region.


      Michael Grant, “A Guide To the Ancient World, - -, “ H.W. Wilson Co., 1986

      Respectfully Submitted:

      Marcus Audens 
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