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528Re: [ByzantiumNovumCulture] Roman Water-Engineers #1

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  • James Mathews
    Feb 25, 2014
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      Salve Chris England;

      Thanks for the encouragement.  I have always admired ancient Engineering, and although I am not smart enough to get through an engineering course (math kills me!), I think that I can handle historical engineering.  I play the part of a senior engineer in my Civil War Unit, my Rev War Unit, and my Legio (Legio III-Cyrenaica).  I am getting a little long in the tooth for outdoors events but I can and do love to draw and make models.  I am currently working on a set of Roman Siege machinery, and as I finish each of the items, I will display them.  For some reason,  my blog builder (Picasa) has quit on me, and although I have reported it, I have recieved no answer.  Have you read any books lately about ancient Engineering that you can recommend?  


      Marcus Audens

      On Feb 25, 2014, at 12:42 AM, christopher england wrote:

      Keep up the good work. I find your contributions to be generally of particular interest to me. It would seem that our interests overlap to a large degree.

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