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518Latin -- Ten Words

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  • James Mathews
    Feb 20, 2014
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      >>>> Latin -- Ten Words <<<<

      == instrumentum - tool or instrument; equipment, furniture, stock; means, provision, dress, embellishment;

      == manifestus - clear, obvious, convicted, caught;

      == contagio - contact, contagion, infection; contamination, bad example;

      == contubernium - service in the same tent, mess, service as a junior officer with a general, common tent, slave’s home;

      == dignus - worth, worthy; ftting, proper;

      == eludo -  parry, ward off, foil, to win off at play; to outplay, outmanoeuvre, to cheat, make fun of, to finish one’s sport;

      == eximius - exempt, select, distinguished, exceptional;

      == exclusio - shutting out;

      == gravis - heavy, loaded, pregnant; strong, offensive; deep, bass; sick; indigestible; oppressive, painful, severe; important, influential, dignified;

      == habilis - manageable, handy, suitable, nimble, expert;


      Prof. D. A. Kidd, “Collins Latin Dictionary, plus Grammer,” (Harper-Collins, 1997)

      Respectfully Submitted;

      Marcus Audens