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5Re: What would you consider the hallmarks of Byzantine culture?

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  • byzantiumnovumsenator
    May 8, 2010
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      Lady Juliana Byz.

      In answer to your query below, to me the word culture means the following," the stage of a civilization and / or the characteristic features of that particular stage." So, in answer to that question the following items seem to me to be characteristic of the age of Byzantium:

      >>Eastern Empire from Constantine to Heraclius (AD 306 -- 641);

      >>Life in the City and Country;

      >>New Religion, Old Culture;

      >>Rise of Islam;

      >>Struggle For Survival (AD 641 -- 780);


      >>The Medieval Empire (AD 780 -- 1204);

      >>Th Revival of Learning;

      >>Spreading the Word; Byzantine Missions;

      >>Fragmentation (AD 1204 -- 1453);

      >>Palaiologan Learning;

      >>Towards a Franco-Greek Culture.

      I have just received one of the books that I have ordered for study;

      Cyril Mango (ed.), "The Oxford History of Byzantium," Oxford University Press. Oxford, New York, 2002.

      The above list are the individual chapters written by different authors, and these chapters seem to me to answer your question very well.

      The other two references that I have for Byzantium are the:

      --"Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire";

      --"Lost To The West"[

      --I also have the Encyclopedia, of course, the internet, and Will Durant's "Western Civilization."

      These above should be sufficient to give me a grounding in Byzantium Novum until the rest of the books arrive. I have not had an opportunity yet to look into the local Library and the others in this area for additional books to use.


      Marcus Audens

      --- In ByzantiumNovumCulture@yahoogroups.com, "julianabyz" <julianabyz@...> wrote:
      > I am Interested in starting the discussion and seeing where the group might have some initial focus.
      > What would you consider uniquely the hallmarks of Byzantine culture? That which sets it apart from other cultures? That which is pronounced in Byz culture? That which is pervasive to Byza culture and society?
      > Juliana
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