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436Vegetarian Dishes for Thecla

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  • Amma Doukaina
    Jun 29, 2013
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      I cannot find the email Thecla wrote about needing more vegetarian dishes,
      but I thought I'd share a link to my blog where there are several. I'm
      really needing to get pics up, and am hoping to get on videos this summer.
      Anyway, I hope some of these help. By the way, chichees are amazing.
      Prepare to overdo it. They're very simple, and absolutely fantastic. My
      kids have eaten them since they were little and love them.



      Amma Doukaina
      Senator, Duchess of Anatoliou Pelagous,
      Deputy Grand Prelate of the Church of BN (Classical Religion),
      Grand Chamberlain, and so on, and so forth.....