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350Re: [ByzantiumNovumCulture] Potato Substitution / Stinging Nettles

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  • James Mathews
    Sep 4, 2012
      Lady Amma;

      My purpose in asking the below question was not critical in any way.  I know a little about cooking, but not much (Grin!!).  However, I wouldn't know a Cardoon, if it slapped me in the face.  I am pretty much aware of what turnips, carrot, and the last six will give me were I to use them in place of the potatoes, but Beetroot, Parsnip, Taro, Flower Bulb, Artichoke, Cardoon, Leek , and Courgettes, I have never used in a combined dish such as "Taters and Peas."  I know what an artichoke is, and have baked them as an addition to a salad, but not to take the place of potatoes.  Leeks I suppose could be used as the onion in that recipe and based on what little I know about Flower Bulb I would definitely want to try it in small portions until I know what I am doing based on what Faas has to say about them, and what little has been indicated on TV shows about wilderness survival!!!!  Based on what I know now, my guess would have to be Carrots and Cauliflower because of the sweetness of carrot and the current recipe of Mock Potatoes, which uses Cauliflower as a substitute for Potatoes.  The reference I gave mentions Taro (colocasia) as, "Peel taro, cut it up and boil it like a potato.  Aspicius suggests the following sauce: pepper, honey, cumin, garum then bind with amulum when the potatoes are boiling."


      Marcus Audens

      On Sep 4, 2012, at 5:01 PM, Amma Doukaina wrote:

      Indeed! Where was my brain!?!? I will add in the substitution  
      possibilities! My apologies!


      On Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:55:38 -0400, James Mathews <JLMTopog@...>  

      Lady Amma;

      As I mentioned in the below recioe, Substitutions are encouraged for
      the recipe.  I am aware that potatoes were not used in the Byzantine
      Times, however, what would have been a suitable substtitute?
      Turnips?, Beetroot?, Carrot?, Parsnip?, Taro?, Flower Bulb?,
      Artichoke?, Cardoon?, Leek?, Courgettes?, Cabbage?, Cauliflower?,
      Broccoli?, Brussel Sprouts?, or Mushrooms?

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