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  • James Mathews
    May 1, 2012
      Lady Anna;

      I think perhaps that you sell yourself short. I didn't think I could
      write well either, but I found that doing so in short stories, with a
      friend, that can be linked together it is much easier and better. My
      first book was a science fiction book, and I did it by myself. My
      wife typed it up for me, and I have since worked it a bit to make it
      more interesting. Another trick is to turn on a tape recorder when
      you are telling a story to another person. Then write down what you
      said in telling the story. I could never write without that
      assistance, but when I tell a "Sea Story" to a friend, and I record
      it, the written version sounds pretty good.

      I had heard that one can publish from the internet. As the tale draws
      to a close, I will have to look into such. Thank You for the heads up!


      Marcus Audens

      On May 1, 2012, at 11:43 AM, Amma Doukaina wrote:

      > Thank you for the teaser! Looks like an interesting tale! I've never
      > been
      > any good at writing that way, although I have lots of those types of
      > historical stories in my head! :)
      > One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that you don't
      > have to
      > have a publisher any more! You can self-publish, and there are several
      > websites out there that can help. You can make $5-10 per e-book,
      > I've read!
      > Blessings,
      > Amma
      > On Mon, 30 Apr 2012 22:59:37 -0400, James Mathews <JLMTopog@...
      > >
      > wrote:
      >> Greetings All;
      >> Sorry about my lack of contact with the culture, but I am in the
      >> middle of writing a book. It didn't start out that way. My
      >> reenactment friends and I were just having a little internet fun, but
      >> it has become the basis of a book. The ending is still a long time
      >> away, but it looks like it will continue to the end. I have put the
      >> various items on a blog and from these items I intend to make into a
      >> book. It will probably never be published. That's what happened
      >> with
      >> my first book, but perhaps this one will be a tad better written. I
      >> have been working at writing on and off since before my retirement
      >> from the Navy, but this is the first chance that I have to work with
      >> another to put the book together. My friend has no idea what I am
      >> working on and I want to surprise him. He will share fully in
      >> whatever occurs down the road. The subject is pre-Civil War and the
      >> blog is:
      >> http://JLMTEStory,blogspot.com if anyone is interested and can't
      >> wait
      >> until it is complete.
      >> Thanks for your patience.
      >> Respectfully;
      >> Marcus Audens
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