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  • Timothy Dawson
    Jan 11, 2012
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      The recent discussions reminded that I had intended to put PDFs of
      some of my less accessible articles onto the costume section of my
      website (http://www.levantia.com.au).

      They include:

      'Oriental costumes in the Byzantine Court Reconsidered',
      <CITE>Byzantion</CITE> 75 (2006);

      'Concerning an unrecognised tunic from eastern Anatolia',
      <CITE>Byzantion</CITE>, 73/1 (2003), pp. 201-210;

      'Rome II: More than just a sequel’, <CITE>Skirmish</CITE>, no. 35
      (February/March 2005), pp. 19-20.

      The tunic article incorporates patterns from original garments from
      the fifth century onwards.

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