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22Re: [ByzantiumNovumCulture] Re: Byzantine recipies?

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  • MMT Audens
    Aug 17, 2010
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      Paulus Lyikos;

      I take it then from your proposal that you have access to Byzantium recipes that differ from Roman dishes??  In my reading the information seems very general indeed!  How did the Byzantines season their foods? What items were combined in a single dish?.  How were certain dishes prepared?  Now, I am as involved as anyone here in Roman dishes, foods. manners, etc.  However, I am not sure how the Byzantines changed their diet, seasonings, food usage, and special dishes.  Perhaps looking at Turkish, Hungarian and Greek foods will give some ideas.

      I am not against the idea of a dinner and dress-up but I am simply curious to know what some of the foods for the suggested dinner might be?

      --Hungarian Goulash?
      --Mediterranean Cous Cous?
      --Greek Gyros?
      --Poached Flounder?
      --Fish Filets with Anchovy Sauce?
      --Fish Stew?
      --Broiled Fish and Garum Sauce?
      --Greek Style Salad?
      --Mashed Turnips?
      --Potato Soup?
      --Meat Pie?
      --Boiled or Creamed Cabbage and Dried Beef?

      Those are just a very few ideas which could be further altered in several ways by seasoning, adding and subtracting items, cooking time, type of cooking, etc.

      Just a few ideas.


      Marcus Audens

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