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15Re: Byzantine recipies?

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  • Cassius
    Aug 8, 2010
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      Many thanks for this information! I wonder if it might be possible for the modern Byzantine community to start making some of its own recipes from traditional ingredients?

      Even more impressive is the Hetaireia Palatiou website. How wonderful! Makes me want to travel to Northern England again just to see you folks. I've been to Northumbria three times to visit sites along the Wall... but that was back in my Nova Roma days.

      How long have you folks been around? You should post this great URL to the main list, btw. :)


      --- In ByzantiumNovumCulture@yahoogroups.com, Timothy Dawson <timothy@...> wrote:
      > The Byzantines did not write down recipes for everyday foods as far as
      > we know. There are literary references to foods and to combinations
      > of ingredients which were appreciated, and various people have
      > experimented with hypothetical reconstructions based upon them. I
      > have found them uniformly delicious myself.
      > One link: http://www.levantia.com.au/dailylife/food.html
      > Dr. Timothy Dawson
      > Secretary / Treasurer
      > Hetaireia Palatiou
      > http://www.enduring-empire.org.uk
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