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Lara Canto 2

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  • Nancy Mayer
    George Ellis was very disappointed in this canto. Night wanes-- the vapours round the mountains curl d Melt into morn, and Light awakes the world. Man has
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      George Ellis was very disappointed in this canto.

      Night wanes-- the vapours round the mountains curl'd
      Melt into morn, and Light awakes the world. Man has another day to swell the past,
      And need him near to little, but his last;

      Then Byron tells us that man looks put, sees it is good and shouts . "But creeping things shall
      revel in their spoil/ and fit thy clay to fertilize the soil.

      That is a dash of cold water in the face.

      Then we go to Otho's hall where the chieftains gather.
      Ezzelin comes not to give his reasons.
      Otho had pledged Ezzelin's attendance and had forced Lara to attend. He worries about Ezzelin
      knowing his friend would not stay away out of cowardice or any other reason.
      Lara Instead of giving thanks that Ezzelin was not there, complains that he was Ezzelin made grave
      charges against him. Lara thought him mad at best. "I knew him not"
      " Produce this babbler or redeem thy pledge/ Here in thy hold, and with thy falchion's edge.
      This enrages Otho who draws his sword.
      Lara's colour changeth not. His sword was in his hand; however unlike the angry Otho, Lara showed
      no emotion though later in the fight he looked murderous. He wounded Otho and the onlookers were
      afraid he would strike the man when he was down. Lara swung his sword on them but did not strike.
      Then he turned on his heel and walked off. he mounted his horse and rode towards home.

      But where is Ezzelin?
      He had left Otho's hall for home but never reached there.
      A search was mounted but no sign of him was found. The mystery remained.
      Otho healed but now hated Lara with a passion. His pride galled that he had been downed in his own
      hall in front of his guests.
      All who hated Lara for any reason -- or no reason at all-- came to Otho's side. Though there was
      no proof of anything, everyone decided that lara was the only one who would want to destroy Ezzelin
      or who might do so. He was accused tried and scheduled for execution without being asked a
      {Byron soon became intimately acquainted with this sort of thing}
      The people who worked Lara's land had grown weary under previous owners but had come to appreciate
      Lara. He might prefer solitude but he made their lives better as their landlord.
      He raised the poor and humbled the rich-- this is always a recipe for assassination.

      With all the others against him Lara as continually having to fight off attacks.
      And Desolation reap'd the famish'd land;
      The torch was lighted, and the flame was spread,
      And Carnage smiled upon her daily dead."

      The enemy fight what many might think a modern day fight. The enemy feigns retreat to dart back in
      to harass, to ambush. THe enemy cuts supply lines, keeping Lara's men from rest and shelter.
      Once havoc is cried and the dogs of war let loose one can not easily kennel them. lara found
      himself with the whole world against him and his men no longer following his orders.
      The people want to emigrate anywhere to escape war and captivity or death.
      Hard is the task their father's land to quit/
      But harder still to perish or submit."

      They prepare to leave but it is too late. Lara looks at Kaled and though the page does not speak
      his words are heard. " Thy band may perish, or thy friends may flee/Farewell to life, but not adieu
      to thee."

      The battle is fierce and bloody. Lara is wounded. Kaled is injured.
      Kaled watches impotently as Lara bleeds to death. Otho comes up before Lara dies. He hears Kaled
      and Lara speaking in a foreign tongue.
      When one brought forth a cross Kaled pushed it away.
      The critics and others of Byron's day and alter would have preferred for Kaled to hold the cross to
      Lara's mouth and elt him kiss it and ask forgiveness rather than brushing it away.

      Lara is gone to that life of immortality, secure to none save them whose faith in Christ is sure."

      As Lara left this life it was revealed that Kaled was a woman.

      And lara sleeps not where his fathers sleep
      But where he died his grave was dug as deep;
      Nor is his mortal slumber less profound,
      Though priest nor bless'd , nor marble deck's the mound.
      he was mounr'd by one ...
      She answered no questions of her identity or home.
      No one knew any more about her or Lara. Nor where Ezzelin might be.
      Then a man returned from a journey. He said that on the night Ezzelin disappeared he saw a figure
      on a horse dispose of a suspicious bundle into a river.
      Kaled Lara Ezzelin are gone.

      I am not certain how to interpret the line" And charity upon the hope would dwell/ IT was not lara's
      hand by which he fell."

      Perhaps Kaled killed him and Lara disposed of the body for her. IN any even she stayed by the tree
      where he died still talking to him in that unknown tongue until she herself died.

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