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  • CHARLOT Michel
    ... De : CHARLOT Michel À : Byron@yahoogroups.com Objet : Re : [Byron] Re : Incest Date : Dim 2 sep 2001 11:49 Nancy, I m glad
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      De : "CHARLOT Michel" <michel.charlot@...>
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      Objet : Re : [Byron] Re : Incest
      Date : Dim 2 sep 2001 11:49

      I'm glad you've laid out your case. I fully agree with the warning about
      hypotheses. This also applies to yours. Annabella's testimony must be
      sifted, questioned but cannot be dismissed just because one finds her
      unpleasant. One must also come to grips with the letter to Lady Melbourne in
      which Byron writes of his half-sister:" She was not aware of her own peril
      till it was too late, and I can only account for her own "abandon " by an
      observation which I think is not unjust, that women are much more attached
      than men if they are treated with anything like fairness or tenderness." By
      the way, this would provide a possible answer to your objection as to
      Augusta being unlikely to commit incest. The other question your view has to
      explain is why incest is so frequent in Byron's works, including Cain ,
      where it is natural and inevitable.
      What you tell us about the relative seriousness of homosexuality and incest
      at that time is most relevant. That Annabella might have been covering up
      B.'s homosexuality is Wilson Knight's thesis in his Lord Byron's Marriage
      the evidence of asterisks , 1957. Personally, I think the evidence points
      to incest and even more convincingly to homosexuality.

      >De : Nancy Mayer <nmayer@...>
      >À : Byron@yahoogroups.com
      >Objet : Re: [Byron] Re : Incest
      >Date : Ven 31 aoû 2001 2:56

      > I disagree that Byron and his sister had sexual intercourse.


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