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6769verbal pictures about Byron

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  • Nancy Mayer
    Feb 3, 2014
      I think I posted a link to this before  but some might have missed it. I do not  agree with her ideas about Byron. 
      There is also a couple of of  paragraphs  about Byron  written during his life by someone who met him.
      The paragraphs are quoted in the book  A testimony of Her times: Based on Penelope Hind's diaries and correspondence 17887-1838.
      Byron is mentioned on pages 98-99.
      The lady who mentioned Byron  said he came but  retreated to his room immediately  on arriving at Petworth  saying he was shy. He stayed there for the first day saying it was his starving day during which he ate very little. The next day he came down and mixed with the company. Every other day he had  a starving day.  He said he hated being large when she told him of the harmful effects of vinegar.Interesting. she says: he has a fine large blue eye, but it is so wild and odd that I have no doubt, that if he lives, he will be mad. ( This is before Childe Harold  etc.) However when the others were playing cards which Byron didn't do, he talked with some ladies   as a reasonable man.  The lady chided him for  an irreligious remark at one point. 
      "he says that what makes him feel so shy is  from early ill-usage. One of his feet is shorter than the other and the high clumping  shoe he wears on it sounds bad. he always wears long white linen pantaloons, a long gold chain around his neck,a and his shirts are embroidered which those made abroad always are. He walked around restlessly picking up books and laying them down."
      He called parts of Self-Control" cant.
      "He has much feeling and a high spirit, and thinks too ill of mankind from what he himself has experienced, till he at times works himself  up in a way  quite to shock one, but these are evidently paroxysms of the moment, for he is afterwards as gentle as a lamb."